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The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has taken the decision to postpone all training courses until further notice, following advice from the Irish Government in relation to social isolation and public gatherings. These are the sorts of proactive containment measures that can help reduce negative impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


Construction workers across Ireland normally have to work towards renewing their CSCS card (NI) or CSR Card (ROI) every few years, in order to be able to enter construction sites. This is a Health and Safety training course and once completed workers receive a card like a driving licence. Construction companies are constantly sending employees out to these courses and are always looking for local training companies.

In light of the evolving uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact on the construction training courses in Ireland, we want to inform you of CIF’s Virtual Academy – an e-learning resource that delivers quality training programmes online in a blended learning environment. This way, you can receive training and earn CPD points from the comfort and safety of your own home.


So, what can you learn using the Virtual Academy?


Virtual Academy Programmes:


Contractor Safety

Contractors deliver jobs across construction, demolition, installation, repairs and/ or maintenance. Organisations want to know that contractors are fully aware of their responsibility in maintaining a healthy, safe environment. Accidents happen all the time. And a lot of these accidents involve contractors.

This Contractor Safety eLearning course provides contractors with all the information they need to identify and minimise risks and dangers that can exist within a workplace. The course also covers effective communication between contractors, workers, organisations and the public, safety equipment guidelines, emergency procedures and code of behaviour that can reduce accidents in the workplace.


Duration: 20 minute course   

Certification: Test & pass certificate on completion



Electrical Safety

This RoSPA Approved course provides users with the knowledge to recognise potential electrical hazards and encourages an understanding that the misuse of electricity is a major cause of fires in the workplace.

This also covers the types of electricity and how electricity travels as well as promoting the safe use of electrical equipment, and includes detailed examples of how to check for signs of faulty equipment and what to do if you discover faulty equipment. Important advice is also given on treatment of an electrical injury and what to do in the event of an electrical accident.

Duration: 30 minute course   
Certification: Test & pass certificate on completion



Environmental Awareness and Energy Efficiency

The future of our environment is everyone’s responsibility - this useful 40 minute course outlines the effective and simple actions employees can carry out that have a significant impact on an organisation’s use of resources.

The course delves into how we use resources, the costs of waste, energy, transport and water and the indirect costs of resource consumption. Also explained is the process of implementing a waste hierarchy when dealing with resources, and how this encourages real savings in resources consumed and the amount of waste produced. This also covers the ‘greenhouse effect’, recycling at the workplace, management of resources, environmental legislation and the increase of pressure from stakeholders for greater environmental responsibility.


Duration: 40 minute course   

Certification: Test & pass certificate on completion



Health and Safety Induction

This course aims to highlight the importance of Health and Safety issues in the workplace, how they affect users and what users can do to protect their own safety. Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment, and this includes assessing and managing the Health and Safety risks in the workplace - they must provide and maintain a safe place of work.  Additionally, employers must provide information, welfare facilities, instruction and training in health and safety matters.  

This course goes into detail on the existing workplace Health and Safety legislation, how it is enforced and what users responsibilities are under this legislation. Also covered is a section on how to avoid accidents and ill-health at work by becoming risk aware, and the importance of reporting accidents and breaches of safety rules and procedures.


Duration: 45 minute course   

Certification: Test & pass certificate on completion



BCAR – Building Control (Amendment) Regulations

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (S.I. No. 9 of 2014) (“the Regulations”) came into effect on the 1st March 2014. These have an impact on all stages of the building process from initial design to completion and applies to design and construction of new dwellings, extensions to a dwelling greater than 40 square meters and works where a fire safety certificate is required.

This BCAR programme gives the learner the chance to gain a deeper understanding on how the legislation needs to be applied in the real world. This is a complex subject, but this 3 hour course breaks it down so learners can take in all the necessary information and apply them to future planning and building.


Duration: 3 hours

Certification: Test & pass certificate on completion

Cost: €65 for CIF members and €115 for non CIF members per attendee.



CPD Programmes:


Building Regulations Fire

This is a useful fire safety briefing that is extremely relevant to construction personnel concerned with Technical Guidance Document B Fire Safety & Volume 2 Dwellings, with a specific focus on Passive Fire Protection.

The video briefing will provide answers to building regulation queries for Fire Safety including the specific area of fire stopping, its design, installation, specification and certification. This provides designers, supervisors and certifiers with a much greater understanding of the concerns being experienced on site.


Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes

CIRI CPD Points: 2 (unstructured)



Stress Management

This presentation by Florentine Loughney, Managing Director of F.L. Safety Training Limited outlines how to identify stress overload in ourselves and others.

Stress can be the cause of poor mental health, contributing to anxiety and potentially depression, if not properly addressed. Florentine also offers advice on how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.


Duration: 45 minutes

CIRI CPD Points: 1 (unstructured)



Working Safely at Height

This 45 minute talk provides insights into the practical safety checks and precautions that need to be undertaken on equipment for ‘safely working at height’.

The CIF has worked with Graham Akroyd of Select Access Safety Systems to provide this important, informative programme.


Duration: 45 minutes

CIRI CPD Points: 1 (unstructured)



HSA' Code of Practice for Access & Working Scaffolds

Michael Mc Donagh, Senior Inspector with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and Derrick Enright, outgoing Chair of the National Association of Scaffolding & Access Contractors (NASAC) summarise the most significant changes to the revised Code of Practice for Access & Working Scaffolds.


Duration: 40 minutes

CIRI CPD Points: 1 (unstructured)



Use of Microsoft Project in Construction

This informative programme details the key stages involved in developing a realistic construction programme using Microsoft Project. Delivered by Paul Dolan, Lecturer in Project Management at Athlone Institute of Technology, this will provide a brief  yet useful overview of the software application itself, before a demonstration is provided on how to initiate the programme, insert tasks, assign durations and add network logic based on resource availability.


Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes

CIRI CPD Points: 1 (unstructured)


Visit the CIF Virtual Academy here


These informative and engaging online construction courses will keep your brain ticking and help you build on your Continued Professional Development. So, even though construction training courses are cancelled and you have to spend more time at home, you can be spend it wisely by enhancing your knowledge and skills.



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