Top 5 Free Construction Software in 2020


Construction management software can contain brilliant features such as accounting solutions, time management and project estimating. Smaller businesses might not have the budget to pay the license fees for such advanced tools.

However, you can no longer say that nothing good in life comes free, when there is so much free, open-source construction software available out there today. These can help boost efficiency, productivity and competitiveness and can help you schedule and work out the cost of projects.  

So, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s a list of the best software out there at the minute which collects programs, processes and information to aid in the completion of different tasks within the building or assembling of a structure or infrastructure.


1. MeisterTask

This free app seamlessly integrates with things like Dropbox and Google Drive meaning there are great opportunities for team collaboration across all types of devices. MeisterTask is great because the free version allows for unlimited project management, members and up to 20MB file attachment.


2. Fieldwire

You can access this cloud-based construction app on iPhone, iPad and Android. The app itself is easy to use and can integrate with other software so easily, like MeisterTask. Foremen and engineers can work together and share files and blueprints. Other handy features include hyperlinking, task management, scheduling and the ability to update records with photos, annotations and comments. The downside is that the free version is only available for 5 users and is limited to 250 sheets across 3 projects.


3. Estimate

Estimate does exactly what it says on the tin – it estimates a construction project’s potential success by analysing and reporting on data. This free, open source application is targeted at companies with skilled IT staff who have a good level of programming capability.


4. OrangeScrum

This handy app is great for small and medium sized businesses because it is designed to help simplify construction projects. It can assist in sharing of tasks and time management and gives project updates in real-time.


5. Wrike

This is a simple free tool for all kinds of project management. Features on the free version that are adaptable for construction management include sharing files, managing tasks and integrating with the cloud.


Whilst the free versions of these apps do not include all the possible features, they still provide a solid starting point for construction project planning and management. If you want to splash out on the license fees, go for it! However, the free versions still provide excellent core features which could be integral to the successful completion of a construction project.




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