8 Reasons Why Ireland is a Top Destination for Engineers in 2020

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8 Reasons Why Ireland is a Top Destination for Engineers in 2020


There really is no place like home. And when it’s Ireland we’re talking about, there has never been a truer statement. Most people would agree, Ireland is a great place to live and work. The cherry on top for Engineers is that the Irish economy is actually growing - GDP is projected to grow and Ireland’s economy looks set to be the fastest growing in the Eurozone until 2024. There are real opportunities for growth here for Engineers in the coming year.


The Irish construction and engineering industry is booming. The prospects and projects in Ireland for Engineers in 2020 will turn heads and have Engineers saying Dia Duit to Ireland this new year. And here’s why.


1. Engineers are in demand here

Engineers are already in demand, but as we move into 2020, your specialised and technical skills and abilities will become even more sought after across a range of different sectors. There are around 23,000 people employed in engineering occupations in Ireland, which constitutes around 1.2% of national employment. Over the past few years, there has been growth in opportunities for production, quality control and design engineers.


2. Giant projects, giant prospects

This one’s a biggie. If there was ever a reason to stick around on the Emerald Isle, it's this one. There are A LOT of big, exciting projects coming up in 2020 across Ireland. Need proof? Get this!


  • €320m - Oweninny Wind Farm, Co. Mayo
  • €300m - Pharmaceutical Building Extension, Co. Cork
  • €500m - Town Centre Development, Cherrywood Town Centre, Co. Dublin
  • €300m - Residential/Commercial Development, Co. Louth
  • €1.4bn - New Childrens Hospital, St. James Hospital Site, Dublin


This is just a small sample from a loooooong list of upcoming projects in Ireland in the new year, from big residential and commercial developments to massive extensions and redevelopments.

There are so many opportunities for career growth and development in Ireland. It is worth settling down here and getting involved in the exciting engineering and construction projects that lie ahead.



3. A growing economy

We’ll say it again. Ireland’s economy is looking mighty fine as we come into 2020. In fact, The European Commission has increased Ireland’s growth forecast by 5.6%. Ireland has employment opportunities, extra-talented Engineers and economic growth on its side. And the best Guinness in the world. All valid reasons to work here.



4. A modern Ireland full of cutting-edge construction

Ireland is leading the way in contemporary architecture - this is not going to change any time soon. Some well-known examples include the Convention Centre in Dublin, The Glucksman in Cork and the VISUAL & the George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Carlow. With a growing generation of forward-thinking Irish architects, Engineers can get involved in cool design projects. It’s all right here on your doorstep.



5. Big global players are already here

Ireland is home to some of the world’s biggest, most successful companies across a range of industry sectors. These big dogs have made significant investments in their Irish operations. Think Facebook, LinkedIn, Intel. More and more global businesses are opting for the Irish soil, and this can only mean good things in terms of engineering opportunities.  



6. Graduate opportunities galore

The thought of not finding work can be seriously daunting for any graduate. However, there is an abundance of opportunities for Engineering graduates. Engineering accounts for almost 10% of graduate jobs, and a graduate starting in the industry can expect a salary in the region of €27,300. You might say you aren’t in it for the money… but that’s a salary you wouldn’t turn down. Ireland is the place to be for engineering graduates who want to make a solid start to an exhilarating and rewarding engineering career.



7. Engineering salaries are at an all-time high

If you think a graduate engineer's salary is impressive, think of how that will grow with a couple of years experience under your belt. The career progression and salary advancements for an Engineer in Ireland is a big reason why it is such a top destination in 2020. With opportunities to achieve registered professional titles such as ‘Chartered Engineer’ and ‘Fellow’, Engineers that work here are recognised for their competence, continuing professional development and leadership. 

Salaries are at an all-time high - according to Engineer's Ireland, a Chartered Engineer with 6-10 years’ experience can expect a salary of around €50,000. Now that's a real motivator to gain experience, work hard, achieve goals and earn big, all on the Emerald Isle. 


​8. Opportunities across the entire island

Dublin city is big, booming and full of great, modern construction and engineering opportunities. It is brimming with impressive projects, and that fact cannot be overlooked! However, there are a lot of exciting projects across all of Ireland. Like a €300m Harbour Redevelopment in Co. Wicklow. Or a €455m Road Scheme in Co. Wexford. Irish infrastructure and transport is modern, and living here can mean a high standard of living in contemporary housing, located right beside the big projects.

For those Engineers who want the chance to work on massive, up and coming projects in Dublin? Well, they can make the most of the high quality yet affordable housing located on the outskirts of the city - Ireland's great transport links make all that possible! 


So, Ireland really is the place to be for Engineers in the new year. There are big projects, big chances for career progression and big salaries on top of that! Engineers are sought after here, and the fact that Ireland is becoming a leading-edge example of some of the best construction and engineering is just another reason why it is a top destination for Engineers to live and work in 2020.



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