10 Christmas Gifts Every Civil Engineer Would Love


Christmas is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to prepare for the season of gift giving and receiving. But what happens when you sit down to write your Christmas list and draw a blank on what cool new Civil Engineer gear you want from Santa? Or you have no idea what to buy for the Civil Engineer in your family, work or circle of friends?


Never fear. We’ve compiled a helpful gift guide that truly appreciates the sharp and curious mind of the Civil Engineer. And we included some light-hearted pressies too, because we like to have fun as well, right?


1. Get creative with a Bridge Building Set


Building sets are not just for children. This gift will really benefit Civil Engineers by improving construction skills and creativity.

Sets can be made up of over 2000 parts and modelled into real bridges. This means hours upon hours can be spent recreating some of the most famous engineering designs in the world such as the Golden Gate Bridge. This prepares Civil Engineers for all those important presentation models at work, encouraging creativity and reminding engineers why it is they love all things engineering.



2. Spark imagination with Copernicus Civil Engineer Tape


This gift is perfect for a Civil Engineer. The 25-meter long tape is designed to replicate roads, crossings and junctions, giving freedom to lay out as many roads as desired and provoking lots of different road designs. This one really sparks the imagination and complements the Civil Engineer so well.  




3. Blow minds with a Perpetual Calendar


These calendars have no time limit. They can be used year after year - all you have to do is change the position of the two balls to mark the date and month. This cool present can be wall-mounted or just sit nicely on a desk. A gift like no other, these calendars are modern, innovative and artistic - an Engineer’s dream and a great conversation starter!



4. Amaze with a Bondic Plastic Welder


Fix things within seconds. Seriously. This handy 3D tool can be used on wood, metal, plastic and materials. It is innovative, clean, heat resistant and just the right size to carry around from place to place.  A great little engineering sidekick. 



5. Be a bit silly with an Engineering T-shirt


This may seem like a cheesy gift, but who doesn’t love cheese? Christmas is the perfect time to give something personalised and light-hearted. Be loud and proud about your Engineering career. These t-shirts ensure everyone around knows “I am an Engineer, assume I’m always right”. Talented folk, but not modest. 



6. Splash out on a 3D Printer


Although this is a pricier gift, trust us, it’s worth it. Engineer work often involves design and model making. 3D printers help speed things up and bring ideas to life whilst also increasing creative possibilities. 


Flashforge 3D Printer Finder Single Extruder Printer



7. Feel challenged by stimulating puzzles


This is a simple gift idea to get the mind working and stimulated. It’s so important for Civil Engineers to stay sharp. Puzzles and brainteasers are the perfect way to challenge the mind and have a bit of fun too.  


Great Civilization- Set of 5


8. Give someone a laugh with a classic Engineering Mug


A funny mug will most definitely be taken in to work after Christmas. Fact. Like the t-shirt, this is meant to make someone laugh. Plus, you can never have too many mugs, so this gift will not collect dust. 



9. Improve accuracy with a Digital tape measure


Another handy tool for a Civil Engineer is a digital tape measure. They have digital displays, long battery lives and include great features like choice of metric and weather resistance. Gift any engineer this and they will love you forever. 



10. Keep warm with a Zippo Handwarmer


And lastly, a heart-warming, hand-warming present for when the temperature drops below freezing. A Zippo Handwarmer will heat you up during those dreadful days working outside in the cold weather. This happens to Engineers often, so they will be eternally grateful for this mini hand heater sent from the heavens.



Hopefully our gift ideas have inspired your Christmas list, whether you are treating yourself or some of your Civil Engineering friends. From practical to whimsical, these presents are sure to appeal to any bright and brilliant Civil Engineer.


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