Top 5 tips for Junior Site Engineers and Setting Out Engineers.

Is your career busy being born or busy dying!!

You’ve finished your degree in Civil Engineering / Construction Management, you’ve secured your first job, but what are the early plays to put in place to make sure you have a strong and successful career?

1. Find a mentor

Walking onto your first full time job, can be a daunting task, but one of the key elements to success is to find a mentor, who can take the time to offer training, development and guidance to give you the basics to learn for yourself.

Don’t wait to be told what to do, discuss and read the programme of works with your mentor and team, holding weekly meetings. If in doubt, ask the question!!

2. Appraisals / Feedback

Communication is key to success. What are you doing well? What can you improve on?

Identifying our strengths and weaknesses on a monthly basis, or some times having an open relationship with Project manager’s / Contract Managers / Health & Safety Managers helps to identify issues, which can be dealt with, allowing you to grow and develop faster, keeping track of development goals.

3. What’s your career plan?

Everyone has a different idea of what they want to do. Work close to home, travel, start off in a consultancy, work for a large main contractor, etc

As a Junior Civil Engineer, it’s imperative that you learn the basics of Setting Out. As you progress throughout your career, this knowledge will always play a role in managing projects.

Once you’ve identified what you want to do, put a plan in place of how you’re going to get there.

4. Understand the industry

New technology, new suppliers, your client and their needs, make yourself the go to person for information. Never coast along, always have a full understanding of the tools and information at your disposal.

You’ll find very fast that you become an indispensible asset to your company, given more responsibility leading to development and progression

5. Networking

If not one of the most important things to do from day one, is to network. Ireland is a very small construction hub, everyone knows everyone.

Set up a LinkedIn profile, show off the successful projects you’ve worked on, attend relevant events and always be open to new opportunities within your industry, if they aren’t available within your current employment.


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